Handcrafted from selected botanicals


Premium distilled gin

In praise of the Flemish Count Baldwin (1172-1205), who became the first Latin Emperor of Constantinople, master-distiller Filip Braeckman created this smooth and refreshing handcrafted premium distilled gin, with a unique infusion of three botanicals native to the Flanders region: Roman Chamomile, Elderflower and Angelica.

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Premium Distilled Gin

Each bottle of Baldwin's Premium Distilled Gin is handcrafted by our master-distiller Filip Braeckman, who only uses the finest pure grain alcohol, water, and a personal selection of 14 botanicals to create a distinctively dry and smooth gin, grounded in the century-old family tradition of distilling pure grain genever in Flanders.


Tasting notes

The nose

opens fresh and crisp with a spicy lead from the juniper, supported by the mellow spiciness of coriander and liquorice, which is surrounded by herbaceaous and floral hints from chamomile, and is followed by citrusy, yet zesty freshness.

The palate

is pleasantly dry with overtones of orange marmalade bursting out in a complex harmony of flavours.

The finish

itself is very warm, with a long end elegant dryness, and well-balanced faint spiciness from star anise in the background.


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